These walking tours are the perfect choice for those who want to cover a specific topic in great depth.
You'll learn about the first Spanish settlement, a myriad of pirate attacks and the current archeological digs in Panama Viejo Walking Tour.
Or choose a biological point of view of history by learning about the vast biodiversity that has populated the isthmus since its creation and the role it has played in our culture in our Ecological History Tour.
If you want more modern and architectural understanding, then join us for the Casco Tour: Plazas and Churches which also focuses on specific historical characters.
Finally, the Museum Circuit uses an anthropological perspective to explain how pre-columbine civilizations, the Catholic Church and international forces (specifically, American, French and Chinese cultures) influence the Panama of today. 
Enjoy these wonderful, in-depth tours to gain a thorough understanding of this vibrant city with a local guide!