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Se trata de uno de los puntos de referencia del Casco Antiguo, conocida con distintos nombres a lo largo de la historia, Plaza de la Catedral o Plaza Mayor, por la ubicación cercana a la Iglesia Catedral. ¡RECORRE EL CASCO ANTIGUO! PREGUNTA POR NUESTROS TOURS AQUÍ También se le conoce como Plaza de la Independencia porque fue éste el punto en donde se presentaron a la población de aquellas épocas las gestas patrióticas que dieron origen a Panamá como nación libre. Fue este el lugar que escogieron los líderes de entonces para congregar a la población y anunciarles, el 28 de noviembre de 1821, la independencia de Panamá de España y luego en 1903 para informar que el istmo se...

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Plaza Herrera: An ancient bullring in the Republic of Panama

Background To understand the colonial cities of Latin America, we have to study their plazas, from which the central square known as the Plaza Mayor is usually distinguished. And what better way to start this theme with Plaza Herrera in Panama, where one of our tours ends. Visit Plaza Herrera! Book our tours here!   The plazas in America were the authentic compendium of the city because, in these, everything happened. Until the construction of the French Canal began, the plazas located in Casco Antiguo were clear of trees and unpaved so that they could provide the social function of a theater of entertainment and collective festivities. The Plaza was renowned for bullfights, but before the end of the 19th...

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La Merced Church

You are in front of La Merced Church, one of the most iconic churches of Panama. Established by the Royal, Celestial, and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives, also known as the Mercedarians.  The Order's foundation dates back to the beginnings of the 13th Century when, on August 10, 1218, Saint Pedro Nolasco founded it on Barcelona for the redemption of captives.   In 1671, there was a pirate attack on Old Panama, also known as Panama Viejo. Fortunately, the Church of the Mercedarians in the area mainly emerged intact because Henry Morgan took it as his headquarters for about a month. This situation saved the original construction of the Church and allowed the Mercedarians to transfer...

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Origins of the French Square

Like every Hispanic American urban center, Casco Antiguo was highly interested in its plazas since these were the privileged center for socialization in the city. However, some of the plazas that we can see today were not part of the initial planning of the then-new site for the capital city. These public spaces were not made until after a few fires in the eighteenth century left open spaces within the intramural. In this blog post, I will be talking about different topics related to the history of the French Plaza of Casco Antiguo and the important buildings in its surroundings. The French Plaza The French Plaza is one of the most visited sites of the historic center of Panama City...

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