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High Concentrated Tinters Series ( HS Car Paint Series)

In order to meet different customer needs, our company has developed Addition brand-a highly concentrated universal tinters series, HS series. To mix the HS tinters with odifferent binders can get the 2K tinters, 1K tinters, 1K silver paint tinters, 1K pearl paint tinters. Our Addition HS car paint series has more than 70 kinds of HS tinters, including HS solid color tinters, HS silver tinters, and HS tinters, etc. Matched with different binders, you can obtain solid color paint, metallic glitter and pearl effect surface coatings. Addition HS car paint series has many advatages, like small amount of resin contained, wide compatibility with mojority resin, excellent stability, easier dispersion with resin, very high covering power, complete range, low price, etc. Most importantly, the customers can completely replace DuPont Centari series with our Addtion HS car paint series. The customers can use Dupont’s read mixed paint formula system with our HS tinters!


1, 2K Binder

Function: To provides surface gloss and levelling property for the 2K solid color paint.

Mixing Ratio: According to the different covering power of different tinters,the mixing ratio changes slightly.


2, 1K Binder

Function:   To help the average arrangement for the silver and pearl in the basecoat. Usage: Apply to mix the silver paint and pearl paint.

Mixing Ratio: According to the different covering power of different tinters, the mixing ratio changes slightly.